Documentation update log

This is a log of documentation updates. It has more details than the Change log, which is only updated when we release new features on the Neonomics platform.

2023-03-30API ReferenceRemoved static swagger documentation and added open API 3 documentation
2022-02-25Error codesAdded another version of error code 1023, related to exceeding the payment amount limit for the bank account.
2022-02-25Domestic scheduled paymentError correction in the response example in Handle the response : domestic-transfer corrected to domestic-scheduled-transfer.
2022-01-25Testing in sandboxChanges to sandbox bank credentials.

Handelsbanken Norway

Sparbankerna - Sweden
Storebrand - Norway
Sydbank A/S - Denmark
2022-01-25Error codesThe troubleshooting hint changed for error code 1013.
2022-01-25Error codesTroubleshooting hint changed for error codes 1033 and 1034.

Payment Status Changes For Norway Market

Tuesday, April 5, 2022


  • Our payment status flow has been simplified for Norwegian Banks. From now on, Norwegian banks will only return the following payment statuses:
  • You can refer to Payment Status Types for details.
  • From now on you can rely on Get Payment by ID API for the latest status on the particular transaction using the paymentId.

AIS response enhancements

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The GET /accounts endpoint is enhanced with two new response fields:

  • ownerName - the name of the account owner
  • displayName - the name of the account given by the PSU in their online banking

The GET /transactions endpoint is enhanced with three new response fields:

  • counterpartyAccount - the account number of the other party that participated in the transaction
  • counterpartyName - the name of the other party that participated in the transaction
  • counterpartyAgent - 8- or 11-character long BIC code of agent/intermediary bank

These fields will be included in the response if they are returned by the bank, otherwise, they will be empty strings.

API V 3.2.0 - SEPA scheduled payments

Thursday, April 22, 2021


  • New endpoint POST /payments/sepa-scheduled-credit. It initiates a Scheduled SEPA Payment API. The payment request model is similar to the Domestic schedule payments model. The functionality is similar to regular SEPA payments; the difference is the requestedExecutionDate parameter, which specifies when the payment is requested to be executed.
  • sepa-scheduled-credit is added to the range of possible values in supportedServices in the response from the GET banks API endpoint. When included in the response, it indicates that the bank supports the SEPA scheduled payments feature.
  • The parameter x-psu-ip-address is added to the request header in the GET consent API. It is required for interaction with Swedish banks and Sbanken in Norway.

API V 3.1.0 - Domestic scheduled payments

Thursday, July 23, 2020


  • Domestic scheduled payment functionality has been added (refer to the documentation). The payment request model is similar to the SEPA and Domestic payments model with the exception of the following: requestedExecutionDate value which is used to execute the payment at the specified date, accountScheme value which allows different varieties of account types (eg. bankgiro number) and identifier value which is assigned by the bank to identify an account in the format specified by accountScheme.
  • New supportedServices value domestic-scheduled-transfer added to the response from GET /banks, indicating if a bank supports the scheduled payments feature.

API V 3.0.1 - Encrypting sensitive end-user information

Friday, January 31, 2020


  • Functionality in the Neonomics platform that allows customers to encrypt end-user information before sending it to the Neonomics API.
  • A new header x-psu-id that is used when banks require end-user identifcation data. This data must be encrypted using the Neonomics platform encryption functionality.

API V 3.0.0 - Consent, Error handling and OBIE Support Update

Wednesday, October 11, 2019


Added POST /session API to ICS. This endpoint initiates a session with our platform per bank. Consent for AISP and PISP calls are stored per session. This value returns a sessionId used for the Interconnectivity Solution APIs.


  • Major update to error handling implemented. Click here for details.
  • POST /fundsconfirmations is now POST /confirm-funds.
  • GET /consent is now GET /session.
  • DELETE /consent is now DELETE /session.
  • POST /consent is now GET /consent. When making a request to an AISP and PISP endpoint with a new or expired session, you will be prompted with a generated GET /consentURL which can be used to get the authentication URL for the bank. From API v3 Neonomics API will inform Neonomics clients when this needs to be performed (by returning a specific error with a concrete link to the consent request URL) in order to start the consent process.
  • POST /authorize can now take an optional header x-redirect-url to be used to redirect consent authentication URL configured in your application.
  • POST /payments/domestic-transfer now requires endToEndIdentification used as a unique reference id by the initiating party in the request body and has a new optional object paymentMetadata that helps banks perform risk analysis for payments. Its usage is limited but this may be changed in the future.
  • POST /payments/sepa-credit can now requireendToEndIdentification used as a unique reference id by the initiating party in the request body and has a new optional object paymentMetadata that helps banks perform risk analysis for payments. Its usage is limited but this may be changed in the future.

API V 2.0.0 - Domestic Payments Update

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


  • Domestic Payments with SCA redirect functionality added. Refer to payment API for details.
  • A new Endpoint to Get Consent Status and Delete Consent is added.
  • New Endpoint to Get Bank By Id added.
  • Initiate Consent and Initiate Payments accept a new optional header x-redirect-url which can be used for redirecting control to custom endpoints after SCA redirects with banks.


  • Domestic Payments can be initiated by specifying domestic-transfer as the payment product. In this regard, Handelsbanken will have domestic payments implemented. You can refer to payment API for details.
  • The existing endpoint to fetch the bank list is updated to receive filter parameters. countryCode and name are the query parameters on which we can apply filters.
  • All account and payment endpoints now have an optional parameter x-psu-ip-address.
  • Neonomics endpoints for API operations are updated.

API V 1.0.2 - Confirm Available Funds Added

Friday, June 21, 2019


  • Confirm Available Funds functionality added. Refer to the API documentation for details. Please note that this functionality is not available with all the providers. Unsupported providers will return a Not Implemented Error. Confirm Available Funds is part of the PISP capability.

API V 1.0.1 - Payment SCA Redirect Update

Wednesday, May 28, 2019


  • Payment SCA with redirect functionality added. Refer to payment SCA with redirect for details.


  • Payment Initiation will provide different responses depending on whether the payment requires SCA or not. In this regard, BBVA will have payment SCA implemented You can refer to payment SCA with a redirect for details.

API V 1.0.0 - Interconnectivity Solution in Sandbox

Wednesday, February 15, 2018


  • The initial release of the Interconnectivity Solution