Initiates a SEPA scheduled payment. The debtorAccount can be either 'IBAN', 'BBAN', or 'SORT_CODE_ACCOUNT_NUMBER'. (Note that some Finnish banks may currently not accept 'BBAN');
the creditorAccount must be 'IBAN'. The currency is always 'EUR'. To enable a custom redirect, include the x-redirect-url parameter in the request header.
Returns a 1426 error if consent is required and a 1428 'payment authorization required' if the payment requires SCA.
If you get error code '1428' then you have to call API '/ics/v3/payments/{paymentProduct}/{paymentId}/authorize' to get authorization URL. Once you recieve url then you can use that to get
authorised with respective bank.

Additionally, payments can be initiated without debtorAccount details (iban/bban) and debtor name if the supported service for the bank includes "sepa-scheduled-credit-without-debtor-details" (only for Finnish payments).
Note that initiating payments without debtor details will not apply for cross-border scheduled SEPA payments.

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