Developer Portal

Getting started with the Neonomics Portal

This guide aims to help you understand and use the Neonomics Developer Portal.

You need a user account in the portal to test code towards the APIs in the sandbox environment. In the portal, you can access your Dashboard and configure parameters to facilitate sandbox testing of the Neonomics platform.

Note that the live version of the portal is more restricted than the sandbox version, as some of the Dashboard functions will be managed by Neonomics when you go live.

The portal also has links to the Documentation pages, API References, and Support, where you can find FAQs and a contact form.


The Dashboard is your area in the portal, where you configure settings and manage your user account.

When you log in to the portal, your Dashboard comes up. It lists the existing organizations and any applications that you have created.


The first time you log in after signing up, an organization has already been created for you and is ready for use.

An organization is a shared space in the portal where you can create and manage applications, and you may share them with other users.


An application represents a client with access to specific services on the platform – Account Information Service and/or Payment Information Service. It is created under an organization and is associated with a Client ID, a Secret ID, and optionally an Encryption Key.

The minimum starting point for testing code is to create one application in the portal.

Dashboard functions

You can carry out the following actions in the Dashboard:

  • create an organization
  • view/edit an organization
  • create an application
  • view/edit an application
  • deactivate and delete an application

You can find detailed descriptions of these actions in the guide to Using the Dashboard.

Edit user profile

To view/change your user profile settings, click on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen, and select Profile Settings.

You can update the following items:

  • Profile Information
  • Password & Security
  • Notifications

Log out

To log out of the portal, click on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Logout.